This n' That Chicken Penne

I think for as long as I have been cooking I have been grabbing this n' that from the fridge or pantry at the last minute to add a burst of flavor. This recipe started with, "I have chicken and pasta" and ended with "HOLY CRAP THIS IS GOOD!! Brian hurry up and get home so I can eat this."

Garlic Chicken Penne

*2 chicken breast
*1 can of chicken broth (+1 can water)
*diced roasted red bell peppers
*lemon pepper
*red pepper flakes (optional - I like the kick)
*Penne pasta
*garlic swirls cream cheese (secret ingredient)
*sauteed mushrooms (I used baby bella but your choice)

1. Cook chicken, cut into 1" cubes & set aside.
2. Sautee garlic over low heat then add in other spices.
3. Turn heat to medium high, add chicken broth and noodles.
4. Add chicken back in and simmer until noodles are cooked to your liking.
5. Sautee mushrooms in separate pan. If you are adding the mushrooms to the entire dish (I left them separate due to picky persons in my household) then add the red peppers to the same pan. Sautee with a little butter/oil (I do both so the butter doesn't burn or oil smoke).
6. Add in cream cheese just before serving stirring to melt. Turn heat down to a simmer.

This was a simple pasta recipe that I decided I wanted a little extra flavor and creamyness to last minute. You could easily add other veggies to it to add crunch, texture and flavor.


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