Almost Pizza

I am still using the same old this n' that approach to cooking. Tonight I saw my brand new chunk of Cambazola cheese screaming to be used from the cheese drawer. And here is the delightful meal I came up with. I loved it so much I sat here savoring the lingering taste in my mouth forcing me (oh yea really had to twist my arm) to make another.

Veggie Flatbread

*pita or flatbread (I used trader joes flat bread)
*tablespoon or more of cambazola cheese (i love costco)
*garlic fresh or granulated
*red pepper flakes (optional)
*sweet peppers
*chopped fresh spinach

I used my favorite kitchen tool here the toaster oven.

1. Use kitchen teaspoon to scoop and spread the Cambazola cheese on the flatbread evenly.
2. Sprinkle with garlic and red pepper flakes.
3. Put in toaster over on broil. Heat long enough to melt cheese a bit.
4. Dice up some red/orange/yellow sweet peppers (the little ones from Costco are awesome. I use them in everything)and the spinach. I roll the spinach leaves together and cut into strips.
5. Pull out the flatbread and add the pepper and spinach with a dash of olive oil and sea salt.
6. Back into the oven until the bread start to brown on the edge. Top with feta.

This really was so fast and easy that I had the second one done in no time at all. I'm a little sad to be out of flatbread now though :( I guess I know where my lunch break shall take me tomorrow. I considered putting turkey peperoni on this one but figured all yummy cheese didn't need to be hidden with the spice so I settled for the red pepper flakes for spice.

Tonight's tip: Don't burn your mouth like me.


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