Slightly Untidy Joes

Though I do love a good sloppy joe I really wanted something less messy, lower fat and quick to make. A good sloppy joe mix should really simmer and this was a throw it in the pan then into my face sort of meal. Came out pretty darn good if you ask me. And you should ask me, I know lots about my cooking. ha!

Slightly Untidy Joes'

* 4 oz hamburger (about the amount used to make a burger patty)
* favorite BBQ sauce & Ketchup
* jalapenos (canned or fresh)
* 2 sliced sweet peppers, the little ones (red/orange/yellow)
* sammich vessel
* garlic/seasonings (season to your liking)
* optional: good cheese

1. Season hamburger meats with garlic, oregano, seasonging salt or any other flavorings you like. I am allergic to onions but they would be very tasty in here. Once browned add the jalapenos.
2. Add about a tablespoon of BBQ sauce and ketchup per serving of meat. (just enough to coat the meat).
3. Add sliced peppers. You could add them in step 1 but they aren't as crunchy then.
4. Toast bun/flatbread/pita/toast/shoe and cover with the meat mix. I used flat bread and ate it taco style.
5. Top with cheese while hot, if you choose to. I used Beecher's Flagship cheese. That stuff is good on anything... including a shoe.

I have also made this meat mix up and added it mac n cheese. MMMM MMMM good.


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Anonymous said...

these sound amazing... I want one right now!