Slight direction change

Not in general or in life but here. It was pointed out by my Nutrition teacher that I should document my journey into the nutrition world. I have documented SOME of my recipes here but I think I need to get on daily use of this blog. No better way to work out the kinks than to throw the trials and tribulations out there for others to see...right?

Let's start with the origin story...

Growing up I had many health issues that were dismissed as me being a hypochondriac. Now 30 years later I am finding out that it wasn't all in my head so much as all in my gut. Through many years of doctor after doctor testing (or in a lot of cases not really testing me so much as speculating without tests) and failing to find a cure for my ails. After many failed attempts of allergist and gastrologist to tell me nothing solid. I was put through tests for environmental allergens, auto immune diseases, sinus scans and various other blood tests all coming back negative. Finally about 4 years ago in a random twist of fate or amazingly wise decision I ended up in a chiropractic office that was my saving grace. I had thrown my back out loading a donation box into my car from a food drive and found a chiropractic office that had both massage as well as chiropractic. Turned out they also had naturopathic and acupuncture services. I finally talked myself into seeing the naturopathic doctor and she became my favorite person. I was totally sold on what they still seem to think of as alternative medicine. I have never been a fan of drugs that western medicine pushes. Turns out all the claims of me having too much acid and the medications that made me sick were WRONG!!! I don't have enough acid or rather we think that my pancreas doesn't do its job and secrete enough of the right stuff. I am on enzymes to assist with that and now can eat pretty much anything I want. I still choose to put things into my body that are as close to whole food as possible. Little processed foods and usually always homemade.

I now make my own pasta from scratch, read labels like crazy, scold friends for what they eat, give advise through my trial and errors in my own diet and help in general where I can. I am excited for my new future of food wisdom and helping those that just don't know how bad they were eating until they realize how amazing they can feel when the fuel their body right.

Hope someone reads this and follows me on my journey to self discovery and feeding the world a better plate of food.

And for the scary part on my journey... the stats.

starting weight: 215
pants size: 16
pounds to goal: 65

Woo. OK. Wish me luck.

Quote of the day: "I don't expect my life to be a power ballad but some occasional fanfare or drum rolls would be nice." - Me

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